Whoa, you want know more about ME? How flattering! I grew up in a big family in the Blue Mountains. I was a creative kid and drew lots of dragons, sports cars and robots. I did well at school, but was keen to get out of the Blue Mountains to better my career prospects. I moved to Sydney with my twin bro in the mid 90s. We were just 16, curious, pimple faced dorks. We both landed apprenticeships at the CSIRO.

I worked at the Department of Radiophysics, the same department that invented Wifi. As an apprentice fitter and machinist, I machined parts for the radio telescope in Parkes and made components for the Hubble Telescope as part of Project SETI, amongst other things. Needless to say, it was a really cool job and a great introduction to the workforce.

But with big cuts to science, I was made redundant a month after my apprenticeship finished. I went on to work in some very dirty workshops in far away industrial areas, manufacturing things like brick moulds, agricultural pumps and truck wheels. It didn’t offer the same sort of satisfaction I received during the CSIRO years and I started searching for other things to do.

Eventually I wound up working in insurance whilst studying, gradually building my creative skills on the side.

I landed my first agency job was in 2011. Now I am Senior Designer at a digital agency specialising in digital products for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. I’ve created apps and websites for lots of well known brands. In my spare time I like to work on more imaginative stuff. This website serves as a portfolio to show some of it off.

If you’d like to see some of my corporate stuff, I’d be happy to send you a link.